Friday, February 22, 2013

Year Two and Still Going

On the second anniversary of my blog, I'm doing the grinding work of paging through Auburn, NY 1870 census records in an attempt to find my great-great-grandfather, Albert Murray, his sister Mary, and brother, Hopkins. It's possible Albert was elswhere in Cayuga County and that Hopkins was institutionalized during that census, but very unlikely that Mary was anywhere else. She was in Auburn for all other census years and her future husband is in Auburn in 1870. I'm assuming at this point that they weren't enumerated or their names are not indexed correctly. The latter is what has driven me to drudgery. But that's how I found Albert in 1865 under his adopted name.

So after two years, I still love unpuzzling the puzzle. And I'm still amazed by the fact that my blog is read--especially by so many people in Russia. What's that all about? I have no Russian heritage at all and Russia is second only to the US in traffic sources. If you're reading this in Russia, let me know, okay?


  1. Happy Blogiversary!! Russians, huh. That makes me curious, too. I have had people from other countries that read a lot too. It always makes me wonder.


  2. Thanks, Betty. I guess I'm so curious because they aren't stumbling on me by accident--some are using my blog url to search for me.