Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Match Game

The magazine, Life in the Finger Lakes, has published a general interest genealogy article focusing on my Murray search. It was great to see the photo of my great-grandfather on the opening page. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be read by cousins who recognize a shared history.

Searching for cousins who might know tidbits that will help me in my pursuit has become a bit of a mission for me.  For that reason, this post is designed to snag a cousin or two who might be doing some research of their own, but haven’t gotten far enough to connect the dots to me.

So, if you come from the Murrays or Van Pattens in the Cayuga and Seneca County areas of NY, particularly the towns of Auburn, Sennett, Waterloo, Geneva, Fayette, and Varick, we may be related.

I’ve done some census and newspaper archival research and have uncovered the following people who share ancestors with me. When listed, females’ last names are married names. These are not complete genealogies.

Richard Murray (married Ellen/Mary Ellen/Mariella)
            Son-John W. Murray (married Irene)
                        Son-Frank R. Murray
                                    Daughters-Lois and Evelyn
                        Son-Earl J. Murray
                        Son-Donald Murray
            Son-Albert L. Murray (married U’elma)
                        Daughter-Laura Clise
                        Daughter-Ella Brooks
                        Daughter-Nellie McCoy
                        Son-Richard Murray
                                    Son-Alan Murray
                        Daughter-Mildred Speer
                                    Daughter-Joanne Sickles
                        Daughter-Lydia Fischer
                        Son-Almond L. Murray
                                    Son-Alan Murray
                        Daughter-Alice Brown
                        Daughter-Dorothy Maloney

Mary Jane Murray Van Patten (married Asa Van Patten)
                        Daughter-Violet Parish
                        Daughter-Jennie Chilson
                                    Son-Frank Chilson
                        Son-Fred Van Patten
                                    Daughter-Marjorie/Margery Sanders
                                                Daughters-Lucille, Lorraine

Maybe, at some point in the not-to-distant future, someone will do an internet search on one or more of these names and see a possible connection.  And if anyone does, just post a comment.

And then let’s see if we have a genealogical match.

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