Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woodin It Be Nice

Bethia Woodin, who married Samuel Gaskill of Salem, MA, is a bit of a mystery to me.  I find very specific dates for her on online trees, but I can’t find a reference of any kind that provides any legitimate confirmation for those dates.  I do know she’s the daughter of John Woodin because a June 30, 1721, bond for the administration of his estate:  “The condition of this present obligation is such that of the above-bounden Sam: Gaskell in rights of Bethiah, his wife, daughter of the said John Wooden who died at Carolina, formerly of Haver-hill, Decd.”  She appears in other estate documents as well.

I found a little more information on John.  He was born in England and, once in America, seemed to lead an itinerant life (Ipswich, Salem, Haverhill…) and died in 1678.  It would be nice to get my hands on an old issue of the American Genealogist, I’d know a lot more.  (Janet Ireland Delorey, “John Woodin, Brickmaker, of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and South Carolina,” American Genealogist 64 (1989): 65–74, 150–56, 238–45.)  I should probably order it.

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