Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nunn Other Than

This is the last of the names to add at the 2x great level (well, except for the dead ends).  Next week I’ll be moving to 3x great level.  I’ve been eager to get my lines out into the internet in case someone else is researching and can offer up information.  Soon, though, I’ll need to assess what I’ve accomplished and what my new objectives will be.

Mary Nunn, my great-great-grandmother was born (in 1826), was married and died in Lycoming County, PA.  Her parents were Aaron Nunn and Ann Hall.  (I’m guessing her mother connects to my Lycoming Hall line, but I ran into some issues--i.e., conflicting data--with my Hall research, so I haven’t pursued that further.)  Her parents were both Pennsylvania born and bred, but I believe Aaron came to Lycoming County from Northumberland. Aaron died in 1870 of lung fever--tuberculosis.  I hadn’t found anyone in the Federal Census Mortality Schedules before so that was an interesting find.

Born in 1794, Aaron was the only child of Thomas Nunn who was born in New Jersey and migrated to Pennsylvania before the Revolutionary War.  He was involved in the Great Runaway and returned to New Jersey for a time.  So many families in my line were involved in the Great Runaway, I wonder if the bonds that developed were part of the reason these lines merged—or was there just a small population and not many alternatives?  With how transient my era and my geographic region are, it has amazed me to see these concentrations of ancestors in only a few areas.

The Lycoming County Historical Society didn’t have anything on my Nunn line, and this everything reliable I’ve turned up online.  It’s not much, but I probably want to conclude my research assessment before I spend much more time on the Nunn line.

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