Friday, May 27, 2011

Doll Family Follow-up

I’ve already done one post about the Doll family, but I hadn’t yet received research results from the historical societies for the historical societies for Monroe and Northampton Counties in Pennsylvania. (Click on the Historical Societies tab at the top of the page for links.) 

I’ve received both packages and here’s what I got from Monroe Couty:

  • A copy of a typed family tree, compiled in 1976, with my great-great grandfather, Samuel Doll, his wife Sophia Boyer, his parents, Jacob Doll and Catharine Rustine and some relevant dates for each.  Interestingly, it states Jacob was born in Montgomery County.  I’d seen both Monroe and Montgomery Counties as possible birthplaces, so this might have been one of the sources for that.
  • A copy of a typed listing of marriages from the Monroe Democrat that included one of Samuel’s brothers, Charles.
  • A copy of a typed transcription of the 1850 census with Jacob and his family (I already had the information from a digital image from
  • A copy of typed “Doll Family Notes”, compiled in 1983, with various pieces of information from books, church records and court records.  The interesting bits I hadn’t picked up elsewhere were an indication that Jacob might have been a guardian for a relative from Ruchstein side, George Ruhstein, and notes pertaining to Catharine’s father, Friederich.  It is birth and baptism dates from the records of the Moravian Congregation at Schoeneck, PA for a son, Friederich, that indicate the Ruchsteins were living there by 1785.
  • A copy of a portion of a guide to burial grounds in Monroe County that referenced a graveyard on Jacob Doll’s property, but the location has never been found, but is likely in or near Jackson Township.

And from Northampton County:

  • Copies of typed transcriptions of various church records birth and/or baptism dates for Catharine and several siblings.  The new information here was her mother’s name, Maria Magdalene.
  • A copy of a compilation of birth and death records with information on some of Jacob’s children and grandchildren.
  • A copy of a typed transcription of records from the Hamilton Township Union Church with baptismal dates for many of Jacob’s children, but unfortunately, not my great-great-grandfather, Samuel.
  • A copy of a handwritten family tree with Jacob’s birthplace shown as Montgomery County with “Monroe?” written next to it. 
  • A copy of the same burial ground information that I received from Monroe.  (Monroe County was created from part of Northampton in 1836.)
  • And, finally, a suggestion that I contact the Montgomery County Historical Society because they felt Jacob might have been born there.
So, I really didn’t learn much new, and the sources were pretty far from the originals, but at least they were consistent with the other sources I’d found.  And I haven’t decided when I’ll contact the Montgomery Historical Society because I’m currently researching another line that appears to have links to Montgomery County.  I might as well send it all in at once.

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